Our Mission

The mission of the M.S.35 Arts Department is to foster a lifelong relationship with the arts through interdisciplinary connections and student centered exploration of arts concepts & techniques. We strive to develop our students’ creative and critical thinking by fostering environments that are culturally-responsive, socially and emotionally supportive, and promote student’s risk-taking through the arts. Study of Visual Arts and Dance promotes a growth mindset, self-confidence, develops the unique talents and allows perspectives of individual students to emerge and flourish. 

We seek to amplify student voice so that as artists we have the tools to confidently communicate our personal experiences and understandings of ourselves. We understand that by taking a combination of arts programs, students demonstrate improved verbal, reading, and mathematical skills and also show a greater capacity for higher-order thinking skills such as analyzing & problem solving. Through consistent practice of the arts and assessments built-in by educators based on real world learning and action, students gain improved abilities to reason, hypothesize, and describe creative works after discussion of meaning behind artworks and dances. Through the study of the arts, we affirm that students deepen cultural and self understandings and ultimately their possibilities for human expression and potential are infinite in a community of lifelong learners.