Learning in Dance



















































Welcome to Dance!

Learn and practice dance class routines.

• Explore the reasons for the dance studio rules.

• Find out what they already know about dance and to figure out how many of the students have or haven’t had dance class before. Preassessment.

• Become familiar with the dance program standard

warm up.


Exploring the Elements of Dance

Exploring the components of the Laban Movement Analysis

Exploring choreographic devices

• Observe and describe peers’ choreographic process

Determine artistic criteria to choreograph a dance study that communicates personal or cultural meaning

Exploring how to convey emotions and ideas to Movement

•Revise dance compositions based on artistic criteria developed collaboratively, using self, peer, and teacher feedback



Arts In Learning Presentation:

Black History

Conduct research, using a variety of resources, to find information about the Black history or relevant sources

Use the information to create a dance study/artwork that expresses a specific point of view on the topic

Work individually and collaboratively to design and implement a variety of choreographic processes and devices anddance structuresto develop original dances.

Develop anartistic statementthat communicates a personal aesthetic, motivation, and artistic intent for an original dance study or dance

Collaborate as an ensemble to refine dances.

Solve movement challenges in dances by investigating options and arriving at consensus decisions.

Document self-improvements over time.

Collaborate with peers to discover strategies for achieving performance accuracy, clarity, and expressiveness.

Articulate personal performance goals, and practice toachieve them.


Arts In Learning Presentation:

Spring Performance

Explore a variety of stimuli for sourcing movement to develop an improvisational or choreographed dance study.

Explore a variety of stimuli such as music selections, film clips, live performances, etc, for sourcing movement to develop an improvisational or choreographed dance study.

Collaborate as an ensemble to refine dances by Identifying what works and does not work in executing complex patterns, sequences, and formations.

Refine the process of selecting production elements that intensify and heighten the artistic intent of the work.

Collaborate to design production elements(e.g. music/sound, props, costumes, lights, set, video) that intensify and heighten the artistry of a dance performed on a stage, in different venues, or for various audiences.


Poetry and Narratives

Analyze poetry and bring it to life with artistic intent

• View both poetry and movement in language form

• Create dance study inspired by poetic stimulus

• Explore and use the Laban Movement Analysis to enhance and deepen the creative process

Explain how a dance communicates meaning through the elements of dance, use of body, dance technique, and dance structure, using genre-specific dance terminology.