Learning in Visual Arts

Units of Study

Essential Questions

Getting to Know Myself as an Artist

How do artists work?

How do artists learn from trial and error?

How do artists and designers care for and maintain materials, tools, and equipment?

Expressing My Identity: Self Portraits

How do personal reflection and group critique help us to develop more effective artistic work?

How does creating art enrich people’s lives?

Still Life Drawing / Painting

How do objects, artifacts and artwork collected, preserved, or presented, cultivate appreciation and understanding?

How does collaboration expand the creative process?

Gesture & Movement Drawing

How do artists grow and become accomplished in art forms?

What responsibilities come with the freedom to create and share artistic work?

Art & Activism

How do life experiences influence the way we relate to art?

How do artists and designers create works that effectively communicate ideas or influence people's lives?

How does artmaking contribute to awareness and understanding of one’s lives and the lives of others in the community?

Landscape Drawing / Painting

How does knowing the contexts, histories, and traditions of art forms help us create works of art and design?

How does making art attune people to their surroundings?

Why do artists and designers follow or break from established traditions?

Zines & Bookmaking

How does the presentation of artwork affect how the viewer perceives and interacts with the work?

How do artists and designers find a particular direction that is effective for their work?


Why is it important for safety and health to understand and follow correct procedures in handling materials, tools, and equipment?

What criteria and methods are used to select work for presentation or preservation?


What conditions, attitudes, and behaviors support creative risk taking and innovative thinking?

How does art and design enhance people’s lives and influence culture?

Arts Careers

What is the function of art museums, galleries, and other venues that display artwork?

How are artworks cared for and by whom?

What is innovation and why is it important to the advancement of society?