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Welcome to our website! “We are The Miracle on MacDonough.” Recently designated a magnet school in 2022, Stephen Decatur Middle School 35 Magnet School of Leadership, Exploration and the Arts is a community of progressive thinkers. We are devoted to holistically meeting the academic and social needs of our students so that they can become successful leaders in their community.  Our instruction, coupled with out-of-classroom experiences exposes our leaders to diverse cultures and the latest nuances in communication arts, visual arts, and performing arts.  Leaders also engage in rigorous instruction and embark on project based learning as they matriculate through Stephen Decatur Magnet


Much like a traditional public school, our leaders engage in traditional classes such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  In each of these classes, units of study support leaders in understanding the diversity of the community in which they live. On a weekly basis, leaders are immersed in Visual Arts, Dance, Health, and Physical Education courses. We firmly believe in increasing awareness of the social issues embedded in our everyday experiences that impact all of our lives. Throughout the year, leaders focus on developing a sense of identity as scientists, historians, mathematicians, authors, designers and choreographers through various individual and collaborative projects. Our leaders gain confidence through performing arts programs, district and city-wide debates and oratory contests. 


The community of staff and educators at Stephen Decatur Middle School 35 Magnet School of Leadership, Exploration and the Arts work in collaboration and are dedicated to ensure that all leaders graduate prepared for high school, college, and careers.